Outreach Message

Welcome to the Pioneer Button Club!

Our Pioneer Button Club began in 1960 with an invitational letter mailed from Bowmanville, Ontario to a number of Beatrice Osborne’s friends who expressed an interest in learning more about clothing buttons. It now has an international membership plus members some scattered near and far who eagerly attend the monthly meeting on the 4th Monday of every month (except when a holiday also falls on that day, and December. Check the program for the present year to see the meeting dates ). Our meeting place is at the Northminster United Church, 676 Simcoe St. in Oshawa for about three hours beginning at 11:00 a.m., so bring a lunch.

Should you desire to join us and investigate the fascinating world of buttons, you’ll be handling, learning about, and displaying many buttons of historical value. You will also enjoy the ones being manufactured today, many of  which are more readily accessible.
To collect buttons is to enlarge our horizons globally and locally. Practically every facet of life can be portrayed in buttons. Every natural and man-made material has been used in their manufacture. Many are miniature works of art, designed and produced in intricate detail.

Every month buttons are available for purchase. They are sold as silent auction items, or by individual club members at very reasonable prices. Probably the very best values are available at our annual club auction each spring.

The $15.00 yearly membership, renewed each October, provides top notch button information through an excellent newsletter sent out 11 times a year.

I hope you’ll find time to drop by and enjoy the wonderful fellowship that’s created through the special historical and educational atmosphere PBC members enjoy, all because of the fascinating world of old, vintage, and modern buttons.

The Pioneer Button Club has branched out in recent years. There’s an evening group that meets  in Toronto, and a group that meets 11 times a year at the Barnsfield Recreation Centre on the second Thursday at 1:30 to 3:30 in Orillia. Check out the membership page for more information.

Happy buttoning,

Jean Ann Moores

Past President/Outreach


Holder 2016

President & Program Carolyn Webb
Vice-President TBD
Membership & Treasurer Jack Miller
Secretary Leah Mitchell
Newsletter/Trivia Editor Roger Miller
Social Convener Retta Hartley
Webmanager TBD
Archivist & Outreach Jean Ann Moores