55th Anniversary of Pioneer Button Club, celebrated on

September 19, 2015


True North, Strong & Free

True North, Strong & Free

Buttons, Buttons everywhere … where to begin … how nice to find an ‘igloo’ … or a Maple Leaf I’ve hunted for …


 Photo #14 Dave Chambers checking out a Gilt button at Deb Hanson’s table.
 Photo #3 Buttons, Buttons everywhere. A display of most types of buttons from the collections of Roger Miller, the late Ann Rice, Fran and Rob Keery, Janice Marks, June Chambers, Jack Miller, Leah Mitchell, Jackie Douglas, Leah Mitchell, and Willa Mercer. Apologies if I missed crediting anyone.
 Photo #6  Mary Hunt checking out a card of beatice Potter buttons at the table of Joanne Irons, a Trillium Button Club member and on-line seller.
 Photo #8 Rob and Fran Keery showing an idea for using up those plain Jane buttons. The theme is a Group of Seven image painted over the buttons.
 Photo #5  Peggy Bedford crocheting a festoon with buttons on it for her Christmas tree.
 Photo #4 Leah Mitchell, Lorna Herrington, and Fran Keery checking out Deb Hanson and partner Jane Quimby’s wonderful buttons.
 Photo #7 Micheline Gravel from the Ottawa Valley Button Club with her artfully displayed Celluloid buttons.
 Photo #1 Most of the PBC members who helped to make the 55th a special celebration. Fronm the left, Roger Miller, Jack Miller, June Chambers, Retta Hartley, Mary Hunt, Caorolyn Webb, Marilyn Murphy, Peggy Bedford, Fran Keery (partly hidden behind Jean Ann), Jean Ann Moores, Lorna Herrington, Willa Mercer, Jackie Douglas, Unknown in back row, Janice Marks.
 Photo #2 Retta Hartley and Jean Ann Moores ready to cut the celebratory cake.
 Photo #11 Marilyn Murphy’s very Canadian entry into the Award Competion.

Favour Button

Our button is an enamel and was made by an accomplished Canadian artist, sculptor, and author, Diana Wieler. Her studio is in Grimsby Ontario. Diana’s art enamels have appeared in 7 juried exhibits in both Canada and the USA.

Diana has a special fondness for buttons, “they are little canvases and the range of subjects is endless. There is so much room for creativity. Also I’ve found that many button collectors are knowledgeable about enamels, as a material, what it is, and what it takes to work in this medium. This makes creating a pleasure.”

Diana will have a good variety of her work at the show, with particular emphasis on birds and animals. The techniques she enjoys most are cloisonné and en grisaille.

Also, she is unveiling a selection of enamel portrait buttons for the first time! “Creating a face with glass is very challenging. Perhaps that’s why they’re so uncommon. But results can be unique”

A limited number of the buttons are still available for $35.00

Our Favour Button was inspired by this image.

Emily Carr painted this image about 1930 from a totem she had seen while at Skidgate on the Queen Charlotte Islands. It is known as “Eagle Totem’, and recently the original painting sold for 1.4 million dollars.

Heffel's 2012 Spring Auction Will Present Rare and Extraordinary





Favour Button 1

This button is 1.25 ” or 32 cm in size. About 5 remain of the limited edition of 50, and the price of $35.00 is still in effect. Interested

purchasers can contact Carolyn Webb at or 416-487-7846 to make a purchase of this one-of-a-kind button.




Awards Winners

Award #1 (Canada)

Photo #10


Kyla Sproule with her grandmother, Janice Marks, and her award winning card. It did not take her long to spen her award money on buttons.



Award # 2 People’s choice award for creativity reflecting our theme (TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE)

Photo #9


Jean Ann Moores and her winning card of ‘O Canada’ music sheet with notes denoted by shoe buttons. Kyla Sproule and her cousin Jasmine on theleft, their Nanna, Janice Marks on the right.


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